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Hire the right people
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Arcanium seamlessly sources ideal candidates for your next hires — quickly!

Integrated with your team

Never waste time screening again. Get ideal candidates delivered to your inbox, ATS, or calendar.

Ideal candidates delivered

Find needle-in-a-haystack candidates without the hassle. Hire top talent with confidence.

Automation with a human touch

We recruit with carefully crafted processes for better outcomes and brand representation.

We redesigned recruiting from the bottom up...

Because recruiting should leverage automation and AI while using a human touch to inspire your 360° ideal fit candidate to sign on the bottom line and take your company to the next level.


Our alignment process ensures that we deeply understand your core values and culture. Interview only the candidates who align with your mission and expectations.


The best applicants rarely submit a resume or apply to a job posting. We produce a custom pipeline that results in ideal candidates who are interested in interviewing for the position.


We conduct a soft screening and culture fit interview so that when we pass you a candidate, the interview won't be a waste of your time.

Rated 5.0 on Clutch!

What founders are saying

We work extremely hard to make sure every startup founder who takes a chance on us gets the best we have to offer.

Rated 5 out of 5 - Learnify X Webflow Template
"We're impressed with their willingness to brainstorm and troubleshoot an issue."
Alice Thacker
Alice Thacker
Founder @ Gatsby
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"They are very understanding of our problems."
Petros Sideris
Petros Sideris
Founder @ LeaseLabs
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"I found Arcanium's ideas, attention to detail, and communication style to be the most impressive."
Mike DeCosta
Mike DeCosta
Founder @ Taylor Made Cuisine
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"They've been great at working within our time constraints and listening to what we need."
Joe LaChance
Joe LaChance
CTO @ Bold Metrics
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"We established a baseline of trust that made other interactions and projects smooth."
Philip Meier
Philip Meier
Founder @ 10zebra
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"Arcanium can do things that would take a normal team months, several weeks"
Nick Tubis
Nick Tubis
Founder @ Order Solutions

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Frequently asked questions

What types of positions do you recruit for?
Arcanium specializes in recruiting top talent for startups including executives, VPs, directors, and top individual contributors across departments and industries.
What size companies do you work with?
We specialize in working with startups at all stages: early-stage, VC-backed startups (series A) and scaleups (series B / C). We also support private businesses and corporations.
What is your recruiting process?
Our process includes: Discovery, Strategy, and Alignment, Ideal Candidate Sourcing, Custom Screening Interviews, Candidate Presentation, and Candidate Nurturing.
When will we see the first round of candidates?
Arcanium will conduct a kickoff meeting to gather information and align on your ideal candidate. After the kickoff meeting, depending on the role, we will start sending you pre-screened, qualified candidates within 14 days. After this initial period, we will continuously submit candidates to you until a hire is made.
What is your pricing structure?
In most cases, we take a success fee of 25% (0% down). However, we take a more modern approach with most of our deals. For example, you can save 20-33% by providing a modest down payment.
From start to finish, how long does the recruiting process take?
We have had companies hire with us in a single week owing to our vast network of highly-qualified talent. Our average placement is ~6 weeks. Whatever it takes to find your perfect candidate, we are your partner every step of the way.
Do you screen the candidates before submitting them to us?
Very carefully. During our alignment process, we gather information from you that enables us to create customized screening criteria for each position that incorporates soft skills, past employment history, cultural fit, and more.
How are candidates submitted to us?
Candidates who pass our customized screening process are submitted directly with the candidate's resume and our candidate highlights. The candidate highlights include insights from our recruiting team to help guide your hiring decisions.
Can you synchronize with our ATS?
Yes, we are happy to work in any ATS.
How does Arcanium source candidates?
70% of the workforce is made up of talent who will not apply to your job post. We understand the difficulties associated with finding the right candidates. With Arcanium, you unlock the full candidate pool.
How do you approach candidate experience and brand representation?
Arcanium uses a customized nurturing strategy to ensure an exceptional candidate experience that reflects positively on your brand. Nurturing is a combination of communication and automation that results in personalized candidate engagement through every step of the hiring journey.
Why should I choose Arcanium over other recruiting agencies?
Our value comes from our personal, partner-centric approach. We find you top candidates who aren’t applying to job posts through deep alignment and customized sourcing. We represent your brand by nurturing each candidate throughout the hiring process. In addition, we are operated by engineers and certified tech recruiters with in-depth industry and startup experience.