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Charles Berg

Charles Berg

Chief Technology Officer


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Bio / Executive Summary

Charlie Berg has been actively engaged in building & leading teams that have successfully brought new technology products to market, in energy, in healthcare, in design and discrete manufacturing markets, in entertainment, and in financial services. An engineering executive with 20+ startups and 7 exits, he vast experience of bringing innovative products to market. "Jazz musicians have a tradition of the older, established players mentoring the up-and-coming 'youngbloods'; helping them polish their craft, showing them the ropes of their industry, even telling them how to dress & behave. As a senior high tech executive, I do the same in our field." :-)

What is your key differentiator as a startup mentor?

Simple. I have been involved with 24 startups over 40 years, with 7 exits. Have founded 3 companies of my own.

What is your biggest startup win?

As CTO or VP, I have been a key player in 4 of my 7 exits. I have been bringing right-scale process to startups for 40 years.


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