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Cody Kimball

Cody Kimball

Chief Data Officer

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Cody has 10+ years experience in the data and technology space. He is a corporate development leader with expertise in analytics and operations optimization, along with scaling organizations to enterprise and IPO readiness. The key to his success has been understanding, collaborating and co-creating efficient and innovative solutions to best enable the business. Currently, Cody is a strategic growth leader who works directly with executives and leaders to align organizations to business processes measured by relevant and indicative KPIs. He has a proven track record of driving cross-functional initiatives through a delicate balance of hands-on and empowering leadership that yields higher productivity and lower costs. Cody is skilled in bridging the gap between technical and business users through the linking of technology, strategy and operations. Cody's strengths include data analytics, leadership and brand cultivation. He excels in process articulation, agile methodologies, systems ingenuity and overall scalability. When not in work mode, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, pretending to be good at sports, stuffing his face with food and living the dream with his wife and two sons. Depending on the scope and availability, he can be open to freelance contract/consulting engagements. His contracting portfolio can be found at with the key value ads typically including: - getting data (Web Data Scraping, APIs) - integrating and storing data (Data Warehousing, Systems Integrations, ETL Development) - visualizing data (Tableau, All Things SQL)

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