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Douglas Stein

Douglas Stein

Chief Technology Officer

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CTO with deep experience in technology-related corporate strategy. My first job after graduate school was founding a computer science department at an elite prep school in the Boston area - so education is my first love (especially as it pertains to mathematics and the hard sciences). My second love was (and is) quantitative finance. Perhaps it has to do with the challenge of helping people avoid outliving their income. Perhaps it's the tough intellectual challenges. What do I enjoy doing professionally? Well, I've always tried to work at the intersection of technology and significant business problems - especially those where many people will be affected. Most of my positions the last 20 years have been CTO-level at companies where technology is the heartbeat of the business value. Specialties: Pragmatic Marketing coupled with Agile Development to create products that delight markets (and create companies remain nimbly responsive). Machine-learning applied to human performance (evaluation and feedback at scale). Educational publishing (technology-based) - including author acquisition and partner selection. Design of closed-loop instruction and formative assessment architecture. Selecting and negotiating development partners (including overseas development). Integration of ERP and CRM into business processes to enable high-volume sales. Enterprise architecture - including an understanding of how products my team builds will "fit in" to a customer's emerging infrastructure.

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