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Francesca Caligaris

Francesca Caligaris

Chief Marketing Officer

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With a diverse background in B2C and D2C marketing across several industries such as Software, CPGs, Retail, E-commerce, and Gaming, I have guided Startups and Fortune 500 companies through various stages of growth. My core expertise lies in digital marketing, advising on lifecycle marketing strategy and digital capability building. For over two decades, I have played a pivotal role in steering local and global brands through product launches, market penetrations, and strategic expansions. I help founders and functional leaders establish a solid go-to-market foundation, refine their vision, assemble talented teams, plan and execute comprehensive marketing strategies, and deliver frictionless consumer experiences. I am here to assist you: If you are a CEO/Founder seeking support in refining the company's vision, ideating innovative approaches, and orchestrating the development and execution of a robust marketing strategy. If you are looking for leadership eyeballs for your product/service to go to market, launch, or expand.  If you need assistance optimizing your organizational structure, recruiting top talent, navigating agency selection, or fostering cross-functional cohesion. If you seek expert advice on tools, processes, methodologies, and current industry trends.

What is your key differentiator as a startup mentor?

Thanks to my experience with highly regulated industries, I help teams think outside the box, embrace a forward-thinking vision, and push boundaries.

What is your biggest startup win?

Led acquisition efforts for a mid-size PE-backed software company, which resulted in: 60% increase in registrations with a 10% decrease in cost x acquisition. 31% Increase in revenue from new registrations 65% Increase in subscriber registrations (freemium to pay).


Bi-Weekly Group Advisory Sessions

$650 / Monthly
60-90 minute consultations where we will address business and marketing goals and struggles. Expect to discuss ideas, be challenged, brainstorm, share, and receive actionable tips and answers as you tap into my marketing and leadership experience and insights from fellow founders. With your subscription, you'll also unlock access to a dedicated group chat designed to facilitate the scheduling of our bi-weekly sessions, ensuring they accommodate everyone's availability.

Pre-Post Launch Marketing Strategy

$7500 / One Time
I’ll be your marketing partner and help you plan a multi-phase approach designed to lay a solid foundation, set the strategic stage, provide insights and recommendations, establish core processes, and define a clear roadmap for launch and growth. You will get: Kickoff and Discovery Session - Marketing Strategy, with a focus on generating awareness, consideration, and engagement. This will include identifying challenges and opportunities, media channel recommendations, task prioritization, resources and budget allocations - Strategy Review Session.

Scaling and Optimization Plan

$7500 / One Time
If your company stands at a pivotal juncture, striving to sustain but also to expand, and if you are keen on identifying and implementing effective marketing strategies, I am here to help. I’ll audit your existing marketing efforts, performance metrics, and results and help you frame growth opportunities that enhance efficiency and align with your brand identity. I’ll share insights and recommendations and help you plan the next stage of your marketing efforts. You will get: Assessment Session - Marketing Strategy Review - Marketing Tactics, Campaigns and Collateral Evaluation - Optimization and Opportunities Recommendation Plan - Plan Review Session


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