Bio / Executive Summary

Accomplished executive with successful experience leading commercial, financial, and operations strategy, with focused expertise gained through key leadership roles in mentoring and advising start-ups through the various stages of growth.

What is your key differentiator as a startup mentor?

I listen more than I speak and adapt my advice to the need of the client rather than deploy the same standard approach to all situations.

What is your biggest startup win?

Was the key business advisor for a beverage start up that went from product launch to commercial sustainability in 18 months.


Fractional CEO Services

$90579 / Quarterly
2 days per week of CEO services

1:1 Coaching/Mentoring/Advisory

$7797 / Quarterly
1 hour weekly coaching/mentoring sessions or general advice and counsel.

Bespoke Consulting/Advisory Call

$699 / One Time
– approx. 1 hour phone/video call to discuss topics to be confirmed ahead of call.

Business Development Training Workshop

$7599 / One Time
1 day on-site interactive workshop for a group of leaders and employees (max of 16) on how to win new business and begin the process for building trust and creating lasting customer relationships. The workshop includes formal teaching, interactive team drills, role playing exercises, and direct coaching/feedback. Note: this workshop is very difficult to hold virtually due to its interactive nature. Travel and related expenses will be billed separately when incurred.

Quarterly Executive Advisory Service

$33597 / Quarterly
20 hours per month of ongoing advice and coaching on issues to be identified or on the adjustment and refinement of strategic plans.

Plan Review Service

$6199 / One Time
Bespoke review and assessment of various plans (including strategy plans, go-to-market plans, operating priorities, investment theses, due diligence, M&A targeting, post-merger integration, and exit plans). Includes 1 hour kick-off call, approx. 8 hours of plan review, write-up of findings/report, and 1 hour phone/video review session.

CEO Leadership Council

$2397 / Quarterly
bi-monthly group meeting for CEO’s for coaching and facilitated advice in a safe haven with like-minded peers. Topics for meetings will be developed by the council membership. Included is access to occasional 1:1 advisory sessions on time sensitive issues for each council member.

Strategy/Operating Plan Development Service

$50099 / One Time
working with the CEO/executive team, I will assist in the assessment of the market and current state of the business, development of the desired future state through workshops and market/customer analysis, and development of long-term plans and priorities. NOTE: Pricing to be determined based on high level scope of work

Fractional COO Services

$32597 / Quarterly
1 day per week of COO Services