Bio / Executive Summary

Rusty builds Revenue Engines by approaching Go-to-Market like product development. This comes as no surprise, his first job out of MIT was designing snowboards and medical devices. By applying the same style of deep discovery, innovative experimentation and disciplined execution to business, he helped grow Salesforce from 1 product and ~200 AEs to many products and 1,000's of AEs. The Sales team he started at Square brought the company up-market and delivered +20% of the growth going into their IPO. Rusty then probed the line between PLG/Sales by growing Wizeline's conversational ai platform to the point of acquisition. Rusty focuses on: • Building Initial Traction through Robust ICP & Personas definition, Pricing Structures, Sales / Demo Scripts, and driving Pipe Gen Experiments • Creating Scale and putting the team in a position to succeed by linking Strategy, Ops, Process & Tech in an executable GTM Roadmap

What is your key differentiator as a startup mentor?

Embedding to deliver concrete results in addition to strategic guidance.

What is your biggest startup win?

So far this year I've helped: • Raise +$5M in Seed funding • Architect a usage based pricing model that's taking share from the market leader • Driven +50% win rate by leading a value selling program


This coach is launching services shortly. Let us know if you're interested here and we'll let you know when they launch.


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