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Stephen Engdahl

Stephen Engdahl

Chief Product Officer

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I'm a strategic, growth-oriented business leader with a deep specializations in strategy, product management and marketing. Plans can too easily get disconnected from strategy, even in the smallest companies. Clarity and focus are key to turning your aspirations into effective action and value-creating results. I help founders grow SaaS and software-enabled service revenue through: - Strategic vision and execution plans CEOs, boards, investors, team members and customers all understand and believe in - Best-practice product management, marketing and go-to-market processes - Qualified, motivated teams - A market-driven roadmap delivering products that sell - Customers who serve as advisors and loyal fans I've run my own start-up and held leadership roles at venture-backed, PE-backed and public companies, giving me the perspective to help you where you are today, but also to "see around the corner" and make smart moves which will help your business as you progress.

What is your key differentiator as a startup mentor?

Founders I advise appreciate that I become an expert in their business by teasing out what's important and distilling it into clear and simple terms.

What is your biggest startup win?

I've put e-commerce solution Dealboard on the map in an"old school" industry - wholesale seafood. We went from unknown to a 240+ customer ecosystem spanning 44 countries, receiving customer referrals and inbound leads daily... all with minimal financial investment for this bootstrapped start-up.


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