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Cody Kimball

Chief Data Officer

Cody has 10+ years experience in the data and technology space. He is a corporate development leader with expertise in analytics and operations optimization, along with scaling organizations to enterprise and IPO readiness. The key to his success has been understanding, collaborating and co-creating efficient and innovative solutions to best enable the business. Currently, Cody is a strategic growth leader who works directly with executives and leaders to align organizations to business processes measured by relevant and indicative KPIs. He has a proven track record of driving cross-functional initiatives through a delicate balance of hands-on and empowering leadership that yields higher productivity and lower costs. Cody is skilled in bridging the gap between technical and business users through the linking of technology, strategy and operations. Cody's strengths include data analytics, leadership and brand cultivation. He excels in process articulation, agile methodologies, systems ingenuity and overall scalability. When not in work mode, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, pretending to be good at sports, stuffing his face with food and living the dream with his wife and two sons. Depending on the scope and availability, he can be open to freelance contract/consulting engagements. His contracting portfolio can be found at with the key value ads typically including: - getting data (Web Data Scraping, APIs) - integrating and storing data (Data Warehousing, Systems Integrations, ETL Development) - visualizing data (Tableau, All Things SQL)

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Douglas Stein

Chief Technology Officer

CTO with deep experience in technology-related corporate strategy. My first job after graduate school was founding a computer science department at an elite prep school in the Boston area - so education is my first love (especially as it pertains to mathematics and the hard sciences). My second love was (and is) quantitative finance. Perhaps it has to do with the challenge of helping people avoid outliving their income. Perhaps it's the tough intellectual challenges. What do I enjoy doing professionally? Well, I've always tried to work at the intersection of technology and significant business problems - especially those where many people will be affected. Most of my positions the last 20 years have been CTO-level at companies where technology is the heartbeat of the business value. Specialties: Pragmatic Marketing coupled with Agile Development to create products that delight markets (and create companies remain nimbly responsive). Machine-learning applied to human performance (evaluation and feedback at scale). Educational publishing (technology-based) - including author acquisition and partner selection. Design of closed-loop instruction and formative assessment architecture. Selecting and negotiating development partners (including overseas development). Integration of ERP and CRM into business processes to enable high-volume sales. Enterprise architecture - including an understanding of how products my team builds will "fit in" to a customer's emerging infrastructure.

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Haftan Eckholdt

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Haftan has thirty years of combined industry and academic experience building internal data science capabilities at companies like AIG, Amazon, Albertsons, and academic facilities in Neuroscience, Neurology, and Psychiatry. Early academic research appointments focused on developing technologies in data management, data analysis, and statistical modeling for longitudinal studies, and novel approaches to networked storage and parallel processing for simulations in computational neurobiology and genetics. Haftan co-authored more than twenty peer reviewed publications and was investigator on more than $30M in federal grants. Corporate appointments to build internal capabilities started at post melt down AIG, followed by Audible — the audio-book subsidiary of Amazon — to build out their data science capabilities in the US, EU, and Japan. Launching Newark Venture Partners pulled him into startup land at Plated — a US meal kit delivery service for pre-portioned raw ingredients and recipes across the continental US. There he built out the data science capability introducing novel approaches to acquisition, retention, sourcing, recipe development, and distribution. After being acquired by Albertsons, Haftan moved to, providing digital solutions to millions of households of people who think and learn differently, their parents, their educators, and their employers. He also launched mission aligned investment funds: Difference Partners, a VC fund, and Planet9 Studios, an incubator fund. Haftan currently advises data heavy startups like Abacus Insights (data engineering as a service), Flagship (data science as a service), and Synonym (underwriting continuous fermentation facilities). Haftan holds graduate degrees in Biostatistics and Developmental Psychology from Columbia and Cornell Universities. Haftan was born and raised in the United States, and often visits family in Sweden. For the past thirty years, he has been living with his husband in Brooklyn, New York.

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Lyndsay Handlos

Chief Marketing Officer

Lyndsay Handlos has nearly two decades of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. Her career has covered various industries, including healthcare, technology, and SaaS organizations. She started at a pharmaceutical startup, where she had a wide range of responsibilities, including growing the business, working on submissions to the FDA, and designing pre and post-launch brands. Later, she worked for a global healthcare advertising agency, where she created campaigns that crossed all marketing channels, including digital, social, email, print, and direct marketing, across different therapy areas and product stages. She used her unique experience to expand into technology and e-commerce, consulting for companies such as Gap, eBay Enterprise, eBay, and McKesson. While working with these companies, she worked on various projects, including designing new strategic marketing operation processes, rebranding campaigns, and technology stack design. After returning to the healthcare sector, Lyndsay partnered with McKesson to work on their corporate marketing team, incorporating digital marketing across each business pillar. She was also hand-selected to work on the marketing and promotion of a company-wide Global Business Services effort. She has since held the position of Head of US Marketing for Biocodex, working in neurology, and Senior Director at Gilead Sciences, rebuilding marketing operations teams, launching omnichannel efforts, and implementing new marketing technologies. Most recently, Lyndsay has been a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), advising organizations of all sizes on commercial strategy, launch planning, and brand development.

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Michael Marckx

Chief Marketing Officer

A creative marketing executive with VP, CMO, and CEO experience across 30 years of leadership in the youth culture, action sports & outdoor industries, I've had a career resuscitating, building, accelerating, and creating brands in the apparel, accessories, footwear, watch, nutrition, brewing, spirits, eyewear, skateboard, and bicycle categories. I've conceived and produced award-winning campaigns, ground-breaking events, product innovations & collaborations, and award-winning films. Serving in all facets of marketing and leadership with many iconic brands, I've been honored to oversee both strategic direction and marketing execution while empowering international teams to craft and implement sales and marketing strategies to deliver regionally on global initiatives. I've also done a Tedx Talk. With a love for creative solutions in advertising, content creation, product, digital & experiential marketing, I have held leadership positions with adidas, Nixon, Billabong, SPY Inc, Ocean Pacific, Globe Intl, and 100%. In addition to leading global brands, I have helped new brands launch, and served as Chairman of the Board of Surfrider Foundation, Vice President of Surf Industry Members Association, and on the board of directors of Superbrand, Beachly, Group Y, SDSI, and SIMA. I currently serve as a Brand Strategist, on the board of Drink Monday, and Board of Councilors at the University of California, Irvine, where I'm an alumnus. I have been a publisher with the largest surf magazine in the world and written for numerous media outlets. I've also created or managed successful partnerships with Star Wars, Disney, Santa Cruz, Marvel, Metallica, The Clash, Devo, G-Shock, Splatterhouse, Gears of War, Spitfire, Christies of London, Canyon, and Craig Stecyk III. Having produced events in eight countries and 10 states, I may be best known for the creation and execution of unique global events, along with a large catalog of related television shows, film projects, commercials, and web-based content. I'm the founder of the Belgian Waffle Ride, a Monument of Gravel, which has blossomed into the largest gravel race series in the world with seven events throughout North America. I helped create Two Farmtables and a Microphone with Group Y, directed three World Surfing Championship events in Fiji, the World Cup Skateboarding at Rod Laver Arena, the Orange County Marathon, the Ironman for Gatorade, Slaughter at the Opera at the Sydney Opera House, and two other international skateboard events, the Global Assault!!, and the Double Cash Stack Attack.

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Russell Brooks

Chief Operating Officer

Hello, I'm Russell! I run my own business, Thistle Growth, as an early-stage investor, startup consultant, and fractional COO supporting early-stage high-growth companies in the Pre-Seed stage through Series C. I help companies prepare for the fundraising process and support through fundraising. I specialize in building, launching, and scaling infrastructure for a company to snowball. This support includes building operations, customer experience, product, people operations/HR, and recruiting. I have over 12 years of experience in health care, ride-sharing, food delivery, hospitality, residential & multi-family real estate, trucking, and transportation. My focus has been on services and two- and three-sided marketplace businesses. I worked at CVS Health for five years, focused on building new programs around medication adherence for chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Depression. In the last year, I helped rebuild CVS Medicare Part-D enrollment department. I joined Uber and spent nearly three years helping grow the business in the earlier stages. I oversaw 20 market launches and management of 20 markets in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, launched UberEats in Arizona, and grew the business from $40M in gross revenue to $500M. At Sonder, I launched the Arizona market, creating a go-to-market strategy, recruiting and hiring 25 employees, constructing an operational model and supply chain, negotiating 180 short-term rentals, and growing revenue to a $6.5M run rate in the first 15 months. While at Getlabs, I was responsible for building a launch strategy to expand from 1 market in Phoenix to 8 nationwide, covering 15% of the country. I also helped raise a $16M Series A round, built the operational infrastructure, and grew the company from 10 to 45 employees in 8 months post-Seed fundraising.

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